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About Us

We are here to advocate, support and encourage each person to live their life exactly how they choose to live it.

  • We are driven to open doors and experiences for everyone.

  • We are wildly passionate about creating an all inclusive

  • community, with a strong desire to be part of real change.

  • We will build a strong local business with skilled people and an organisation with a true moral compass.

  • We will help participants to live a life that they dream of.

  • We aim to be the voice and a drive to help people. We want to break down barriers and preconceptions around disability.

  • We will advocate and champion for equality where we can.

  • We aim to find services and support that will help others on this journey, not only for our participants but for their families as well.


Photograph By Bec Whetham

Our Story

Welcome, I am Lisa, the Director and owner of 'Shine Your Way'.  I am a wife, a mother to two children Reegan 14 and William 9 and I have been a carer to our eldest daughter Reegan for nearly 15 years.

I am also the owner of The Candy Store & Café an inclusive employer of people with disabilities.

Reegan was diagnosed at 6 months of age as GDD (global development delay). That diagnosis has since been reviewed as ASD (autism spectrum disorder), ID (intellectual disability) and CP (cerebral palsy). We were part of the initial pilot group into the NDIS so we have been in the system for quite some time now.

I started 'Shine' to not only be able to support the individual with a disability but the families of the individuals as well. I have drawn from my own personal lived experience in the world of disability and a working career in finance / health and education to create an organisation that truly puts each person first and not only sees the potential in everyone but works extremely hard towards it.

Our Brand is inspired by the feeling of being set free, to be encouraged, empowered and supported in life’s journey. It is designed to be fun, playful and easy to read with the view of the participant being the star of their own show and shining brightly. Literally putting the “I” in the centre of how the participant shines.

We are so happy that you have found us and look forward to being able to support you.

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