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Providing everything you need to Shine!

Our service delivery is based around each individuals goals, their interests and their likes.

We have various group experiences available. These consist of a fortnightly social group, pilates, horse riding via the RDA and excursion days. Group experiences are subject to change based on the needs and interests of the participants.


Social & Community Participation Support

We strive to provide opportunities within our community, whether its exploring new places and activities or attending regular activities we will support you to achieve your goals.

Activities may include:
  • Participate in social events or Sports activities

  • Special interest shows or expos

  • Visits to parks and gardens

  • Beach visits

  • Join social groups

  • Art galleries, museums and cultural experiences

  • Market visits

  • Join an art class, singing group or gym

  • Local agricultural shows

  • Swimming pools and water parks

  • Shopping for groceries

  • Clothes shopping

  • Visits to cafés and restaurants

  • Local sports, events, festivals and shows

Assistance with Daily Life

In-home support is available for children and adults living with a disability. We are here to help families and individuals to live successfully at home and to make day-to-day life easier and less stressful. 

Activities may include:
  • cleaning

  • cooking

  • laundry and ironing

  • making beds

  • gardening

  • shopping

  • banking, paying bills and managing utilities

Daily Life
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Independent Living Skills Support

We support you with independent living skills that helps your everyday routine.

Activities may include:
  • Food Preparation

  • Money Management

  • Personal Care skills

  • Personal Hygiene skills

Employment and/or Volunteering Support

There are many benefits to having a job or volunteering. It can build financial independence and self-worth, improve health and wellbeing, strengthen social connections and open opportunities for skill development.

Activities may include:
  • Applying for paid or volunteer positions

  • Supporting you whilst at work or volunteering

  • Support with a micro-enterprise business


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